Increase Backyard Luxury Through All Seasons

The weather in Indiana is very unpredictable and no one can ever be exactly certain that a bright, sunny day won’t suddenly turn to rain. For people who love to relax or entertain outdoors, this can be problematic, especially if they have invested a lot of money in their backyard patio. To help combat the weather and still enjoy the outdoors without building something that looks like a park shelter, homeowners can invest in an attractive Pergola with adjustable louvers.

An Unconventional Take on a Traditional Design

When people think of a pergola, most imagine the traditional form that is made of wood and may or may not have a growth of vines on it. Companies like The Smart Pergola have revolutionized this structure by creating a version contains a louvered roof and constructing it from a combination stainless steel and aluminum components. This adjustable roof is completely motorized and can be rotated into various positions depending on the needs of the owners. On beautiful days, people can enjoy letting the sun shine down on them through fully open or partially closed louvers while also being able to close the system to create a leak-proof roof when rain is ominous.

More Involved Than a Basic Kit

A backyard pergola is a project that many DIY homeowners construct themselves or have a landscaping company handle. But, if they decide to go with an advanced model like the StruXure system, they will need the design and installation skills of the most innovative Pergola Company Carmel Indiana has to offer. This team will inspect the area and work with the customer to select the best layout, size, and style that accents the home. Their expertise on this product will ensure that the erected pergola has a fully-functional motorized operating system that efficiently opens and closes without complication.

Bonus Features to Increase Luxuriousness

Installing one of the adjustable pergola systems has bonuses beyond just the movement of the louvers. Owners aren’t limited to the traditional stain or whitewashed appearance, they now can choose from colors that include white, bronze, beige, or a customized color to match their home’s exterior. The systems also come with accessories like accent lighting, ceiling fans, and retractable solar shades which allow people to enjoy the system at all times of the day under a variety of weather conditions.


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